The Royal Albert Hall is an instantly recognisable icon. Yet its brand was fragmented, with heraldic and contemporary logos used simultaneously and unnecessary sub brands diluting its brand experience. This meant that the brand lacked stature on its own communications or on advertising of third-party event producers. We were challenged to create a world-class visual identity that would live up to its reputation and create stand out across the brand experience.


The new identity is multi-layered. It draws on the striking architecture of the building and captures the vibrancy, excitement and diversity of the Hall. As a digital asset it has flexibility and dynamism built in. It can also be elegant, reserved and sombre when the occasion demands. The 'open door' invites the guest and captures the essence of its charitable purpose, to be a democratic venue for all art forms, open to all. The contemporary icon is offset by a traditional serif typeface to balance modernity with tradition.

We applied the identity system across the entire brand experience, from advertising and third-party production endorsements, dual branding for events, through the digital experience, restaurants, merchandise, ticketing and environmental design, to build a coherent and flexible experience that this global icon deserves.



increase in ticket sales post-launch


Top 20 in 2015 CoolBrands


Category winner in UK Superbrands 2016 & 2017


  • 2016 Transform Awards Europe
It’s a triumph. It feels very contemporary and welcoming while retaining the Hall’s gravitas as an enduring and iconic venue.
James Murphy

Founding Partner of Adam&Eve and co-opted member of the Royal Albert Hall’s Council