With the AIDS epidemic out of the spotlight and being challenged for funding by other chronic global health issues, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance needed to up its game and refocus attention on its commitment to ending AIDS.


Working with the leadership team we clarified their purpose as finding innovative ways to breakdown the barriers that stand in the way of ending AIDS. We created a new name, Frontline AIDS, that represents where they work and how the epidemic will be ended - on the frontline. A new provocative and vibrant identity and brand voice helps Frontline AIDS stand out as an activist brand that will challenge the conventions in the sector and emphasizes the needs of those who are most marginalized.

The new brand has re-energized their people - Frontliners - with a renewed and clarified mission, to create a future free from AIDS, for everyone, everywhere.

Our new name and identity will play a critical role in helping us to ensure our voice is loud, clear and urgent as we seek to end the AIDS epidemic forever.
Christine Stegling

Executive Director

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