Since its refresh in 2005, the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) had outgrown its identity and positioning, which revolved around “Fueling the Entrepreneurial Engine.”

This positioning no longer reflected what was important to the brand, its goals, or its members. As membership continues to expand, it was imperative that EO evolved their purpose, positioning, and identity.


EO is a global organization with an extremely committed member base. Some members lovingly described it as a “club” and one of “the best kept secrets” for entrepreneurs.

Which led us to find their edge amongst competitors: The EO experience is designed to foster close relationships that lead to transformational growth, professionally and personally.

We then worked closely with EO leadership to develop a new brand purpose, messaging hierarchy, and identity that would establish EO as the place were entrepreneurs can go to grow (themselves and their business) through life-enhancing connections.

The room was full of people who have very strong views about what EO is… And when it got to showing the logo, they broke out into spontaneous applause.
Ben Peachey

Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications

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