The future of energy distribution is rapidly changing. As we move from carbon-based to carbon-free energy, the smart infrastructure and assets required to monitor and deliver energy to homes, businesses and electric vehicles needs funding – in the UK alone, this is estimated at over £30bn.

Calvin Capital, owned by KKR, had invested in smart metering technology and was preparing for an IPO that would enable it to raise significant capital to make further investments in the smart energy infrastructure the UK needs to power the digital economy. But the Calvin Capital name and brand didn’t reflect the strategic intent or direction of the business – to be at the forefront of the smart energy infrastructure sector.

Calvin Capital approached Brandpie and asked us to rebrand the business, helping it prepare for IPO. The market was nervous, post the 2019 UK General Election and Brexit deal negotiations. This would be the first market offering in 7 months. Our task was to bring clarity to the business proposition and its brand, enabling it to tell a compelling investment story about a new business in an emerging category, and ultimately attract the investors to secure a successful launch.


We worked directly with the CEO to understand their ambition. A new name was required, alongside a clear positioning and brand identity that would signal a serious business with significant potential.

We renamed the business Calisen – a blend of Calvin, infrastructure, smart and energy. We defined the positioning as ‘The Smarter Infrastructure Company’, communicating leadership and intelligence, yet remaining descriptive and straightforward to understand.

Our brand identity system conveys the sense that smart energy and the infrastructure that delivers it, will be all around us, connecting every facet of our lives together to create a better, more sustainable energy future.

At launch, Calisen became the first British company to complete listing on the LSE in 2020 and secured a market valuation of £1.3billon.

Today marks the start of an exciting period for Calisen, with new capital to support our next phase of growth as a listed company on the London Stock Exchange.
Bert Pijls

Calisen CEO

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