AmeriCorps is the national agency that provides resources and volunteers to strengthen communities across America.

They are the largest supporter of service and volunteerism in the US – enrolling over 270,000 volunteers every year and dispersing $1 billion in funding.

However, AmeriCorps was not getting the recognition their work deserves. They lacked a consistent story and this made the brand confusing to understand and was impacting its brand awareness.

Through our Brandpie Foundation we were asked to create a new brand strategy, brand architecture and brand narrative that would increase public understanding and awareness.


Our idea, ‘The best of America,’ communicates that service to others and volunteerism represents the best qualities of America.

This idea became the cornerstone of a new strategic positioning framework, a simpler brand architecture, and a compelling visual identity, logo and brand narrative.

Prior to our work there had been a proliferation of sub-brands with multiple names, logos and identities. We brought the organization together under a single name (AmeriCorps) with a new logo featuring three stripes that form the crossbar of an ‘A’ and create a symbolic flag.

We launched the brand with a new website, brand anthem film and a full suite of marketing assets.



Increase in budget

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