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Global consultancy Brandpie has delivered a new visual identity and brand positioning for Matrix Medical Network® (Matrix), as part of Matrix’s new strategic focus on bringing expert care to individuals where they live and work.

The expanded business model represents a long-term strategic roadmap for Matrix, recognizing new and unique health and safety needs in 2021 and beyond.

The comprehensive purpose-driven transformation Brandpie delivered for Matrix sees the company embrace a newly articulated purpose that spans its portfolio of services. The newly defined lines of business are Clinical Care, Clinical Solutions, Clinical Trials and Clinical Labs.

Jody Bilney, Matrix Medical Network’s acting Chief Marketing Officer says: “We partnered with Brandpie to update our brand strategy to reflect Matrix Medical Network’s updated priorities and lines of business. Brandpie’s efficient and agile process helped us to reframe the business without distracting us from continuing to rapidly respond to critical health care needs. The positioning we’ve crafted together broadens our scope to meet patients wherever they are, both in today’s environment and well into the future.”

MaryLee Sachs, Brandpie US CEO says: “Matrix has always demonstrated a living purpose to provide care wherever it is needed. We are proud to have helped Matrix bring together its varied lines of businesses in a way that is purposeful, and that celebrates Matrix’s commitment to the people it serves.”

Impactful transformation

Since 2000, the clinician-led Matrix Medical Network has met individuals where they live and work to assess health and safety, identify and close care gaps, and offer life-changing services that empower them to better manage their own health.

To communicate its new, much-needed services and model, and to make the largest impact for Americans across the country, Matrix needed to evolve its identity, as well as its internal and external messaging to reflect its world-class, essential services.

Brandpie, which specializes in purpose-driven business transformation, made for an ideal partner in this evolution.

Expert care, wherever you are

As a foundation, Brandpie developed a brand architecture for Matrix that would better encompass and communicate the authentic, accessible, and expert services it provides.

“That the business is led by clinicians is a real differentiator for Matrix,” says Rik Haslam, Executive Creative Partner, Brandpie. “Better care filters down from the top, and we wanted that sense of expertise and confidence to permeate through the brand architecture and experience.”

Further to this end, Matrix’s solutions have always emphasized the importance of making care available for individuals and businesses in remote locations, or unable to access hospitals – a need which has increased in the last year.

Combining Matrix’s unique blend of clinical expertise and capability to serve patients in-home, via telehealth, on-site at medical facilities and workplaces, and in Mobile Health Clinics, Brandpie and Matrix’s leadership together developed a newly articulated purpose statement: “To provide better care for everyone, everywhere.”

The purpose statement unites Matrix internal stakeholders under a strong mission by reflecting the business’s priorities and ambitions. The purpose informs new outward-facing brand positioning that communicates Matrix’s heritage and strength in clinical health and safety to everyone: “Expert care, wherever you are.”

Striking balance

To make Matrix’s new positioning and purpose tangible, Brandpie created a new visual identity and brand architecture to be rolled out across the network.

A new logo draws from symbols including the shape of two healthy lungs, an infinity loop, and an ‘M’ for Matrix. Tied together into one, these elements visually reflect the business’s commitment to providing expert clinical care wherever it is needed.

The logo and new color palette “strike the balance between reflecting brand and expertise,” says Michael Mackay, Creative Director, Brandpie. By using color to differentiate between Matrix’s multiple lines of business, the visual identity infuses freshness and diversity without compromising brand recognition.

Brandpie also worked with Matrix to activate the new brand across all of Matrix’s key communication assets as well as delivering an integrated advertising campaign.

Care at the heart

Moving forward, this new work for Matrix Medical Network by Brandpie will ensure that Matrix is recognized for the rapidly growing, pioneering business that it is, as well as for the ambition and purpose to care that lies at its heart.

“It all comes back to care,” says Brandpie’s Haslam. “Once we got to this notion of expert care everywhere, we were able to translate and articulate it across the entire Matrix portfolio.”

Matrix Medical Network’s new brand and positioning are now live across all touchpoints – including the new website freshly redesigned by Brandpie. Brandpie will continue to partner with Matrix on ongoing strategic and creative support.

*Matrix Medical Network is the registered trademark of Community Care Health Network, LLC.

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