How can Amyris rebrand to reflect its new positioning away from bio-fuels to making ingredients for the healthcare, fragrances and cosmetics industries?


Align the leadership around a new narrative and purpose - Make Good, No Compromise; and a radical new identity focused on making the purest ingredients possible.


double digit positive growth


increase in share price since launch

Biossance is the fastest growing beauty brand in the usa

Our exciting new identity reflects the business Amyris is today and wants to be tomorrow.
John Melo

Chief Executive Officer

A restated purpose and organizing idea

Amyris is a consumer-friendly biotech business that uses clever science - from plants rather than crude oil and inefficient farming methods - to make ingredients for the healthcare, fragrances and cosmetics industries. In May 2018 Amyris relaunched its brand to signal its transformation from being a biofuels company to a biotech company.

Working closely with the leadership team we redefined Amyris’ purpose as ’To make good. For humanity and the planet, by making pure ingredients accessible to all. No compromise.’

Summarized as the organizing idea of ‘Make good. No compromise.’, this purpose drives how Amyris conducts business, talks about its company and shows itself to the world through its visual identity.

Amyris Case Study Purpose
Amyris Case Study Before Logo
Amyris Case Study New Logo

A brand new logo and identity

We developed a new visual and verbal identity for Amyris to reflect the high value premium ingredients they make and their role as the parent company of a growing number of consumer brands. The redrawn logo, its ‘r’ reflecting Amyris’ connection to the natural world, plus the uncompromising use of violet as the main brand color sent a clear signal to all Amyris’ audiences that the company had transformed.

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An overnight transformation of the brand

The new Amyris was launched at their Biodisrupt 2018 Investor day. In preparation for this we orchestrated an overnight rebrand of the whole customer journey at their HQ, together with a new website, brand wall exhibit, R&D presentation, signage, event materials, print templates and a motion graphic video.

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