Kubrick Logo Dark Green RGB


Global consultancy Brandpie today announces a new brand positioning, visual identity and digital experience for Kubrick Group – a fast-growing provider of vital skills and talent in data and next generation technology.

This work elevates the company’s purpose of shaping tomorrow’s world by developing today’s talent.

Tim Smeaton, Managing Partner, Kubrick Group says: “We expanded so fast that our business outgrew our brand. Brandpie brought energy, exciting ideas and fresh thinking to challenge us. We now have a brand we’re really proud of – one that will further elevate our business and generate real ROI.”

Sally Bye, Partner, Brandpie says: “Kubrick are an ambitious organization, and the new positioning and identity amplify its ambition. We’re thrilled to have undertaken such a bold revitalization that aligns Kubrick’s business story with its brand story to drive competitive advantage and growth.”

A rising star

Founded in 2016 by Tim Smeaton, former Hydrogen Group CEO, and Simon Walker, former Hydrogen Group COO, in less than five years, Kubrick has grown to over 500 employees, with a global and ever-expanding client base that includes AstraZeneca, HSBC, Deliveroo, Shell, and Sky. In 2020, Kubrick were recognized as the fastest growing business services company in the UK in the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100.

As the company looked to continue its growth trajectory and further expand into new areas, it wanted to showcase and build a market-leading brand. One that attracts smart, diverse talent to bring clients a fresh approach to realizing the potential of data and next generation technology.

Brandpie, experts in delivering purpose-driven transformation with fast-growing startups, made an ideal partner to help Kubrick elevate its position in the market. The refreshed brand, positioning and website now reflect the company’s premium offering, scale and success.

Shaping tomorrow, today

After conversations with the Kubrick board, its clients, investors and a VYTALS focus group with employees, to build a 360 perspective, Brandpie crystallized Kubrick’s strengths, points of difference and opportunity areas to shape the new positioning.

The strategic analysis manifested into the positioning statement ‘Shaping tomorrow, today’ – a pithy and punchy articulation of the company’s vision of

shaping the workforce and organizations of tomorrow with the skills and talent needed today.

A dynamic system

Through ideation and craft, the new positioning is brought to life with a dynamic new logo and visual identity system to create stand out in a sector dominated by blues, blacks and gradients.

Reasserting Kubrick’s ownership of green – the color of growth – offset against a supporting palette of premium, neutral colors reflects the vibrancy and energy of the business. The symbolic theme of ‘getting ahead’ sits at the heart of the new identity. A theme which equally applies to the graduates Kubrick recruit and train and the benefit Kubrick bring to clients.

‘Getting ahead’ is derived from the notion of transference of momentum – represented by three joined ellipses and a fourth which sits ahead of the others. Deployed, the identity becomes fully responsive: from a shorthand avatar, to sitting as a unique element in the logo, to a set of brand graphics which build recognition and creative engagement in a meaningful way.

“We were very focused on using our conceptual and design skills to better connect Kubrick’s brand to its business,” says Pip Llewellin, Design Partner, Brandpie. “Our creative goal is to ensure that the way it is understood and recognized truly reflects their DNA and the positioning ‘Shaping tomorrow, today’.”

A digitally enabled future

Kubrick’s website communicates this new positioning and presents the company as one that is teeming with energy, vibrancy and growth.

Brandpie worked closely with Tim, Simon and Kubrick’s leadership to clarify the business priorities and key audiences. The website needed to address a business audience and a young, post-graduate audience – requiring an aesthetic and experience to engage both, without alienating either. Adopting an agile process of rapid design and iteration, working closely with Kubrick throughout, Brandpie developed a user experience and content strategy that reinforces its new positioning, delivers an enhanced audience experience and drives business engagement.

“A company like Kubrick is ever-evolving, so we needed an adaptable, dynamic website,” says Nicky Campbell, Managing Partner, Digital, Brandpie. “We developed a modular development structure which gives Kubrick the ability to actively manage, modify and expand the website in the future.”

The website provides Kubrick’s graduates and clients with a clear statement of intent – much more than a marketing asset, it’s an effective channel creating tangible value for the business.

View the new Kubrick website here: https://kubrickgroup.com/