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What's your Purpose Persona?

Our new Purpose Persona tool delivers an outside-in lens into your own organization's purpose, with curated tips for you to action in order to become truly purpose-driven.

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Brandpie appoints Laurence Mellman as a Non-Executive Director

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The Power of Purpose series

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What CEOs across the globe think of purpose

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Magpie: Power of Purpose – Kari Warberg Block, CEO of EarthKind

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Why tech is the most purpose-led sector in 2021

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The emerging need for purpose activation

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Brandpie delivers new visual identity for Astorg

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Kubrick unveil new positioning, identity and website by Brandpie

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Matrix Medical Network Launches New Brand Identity and Positioning by Brandpie

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Why isn’t there more pride in the workplace?

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Magpie: Power of Purpose – David Boynton

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Brandpie delivers new brand identity and strategy for AmeriCorps

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Celebrating Black Marketing Talent

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ANA B2 Awards 2020

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Brandpie develops inclusive new brand for EO

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How three people with purpose used language

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A purposeful tone

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Why culture is your recruitment trump card – and how to use it well

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The meaning of purpose

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CEO Purpose Report 2020

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Flexibility in the Workplace

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Helping you understand how your people are really feeling

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The Home Working Therapy That Made A Big Difference

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Engaging a workforce that's suddenly virtual

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Transform Europe Awards 2020

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How Purpose can unlock engagement and enhance performance.

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Brandpie unites Swann Group with a dynamic new visual identity

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Brandpie reveals scaled up refresh for charity Help Musicians

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Using Purpose to deliver long-term results

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How The Modern CEO Creates Value

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The CEO Disconnect: short-term wins and long-term growth

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The Drum Agency Business Awards US

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Transform North America Awards 2019

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How the C-suite are using Purpose to drive business performance

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The rise of sports fans who don’t care about sports

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Brandpie ensures LACO hits the right note with brand refresh

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The power of sport in brand activism

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Monumental Sports & Entertainment introduces new brand positioning and advertising campaign

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The Power of Purpose

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What CEOs Really Think About The Role Of Purpose In An Organization

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Out of the shade and into the light

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Our favorite kits

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Magpie Interviews: a conversation with Ted Leonsis

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Dress coding for sports

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Top 5 ways to boost employee engagement

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Game On

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Power of purpose understood, but CEOs failing to capitalize on opportunity

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The American Formula

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Embracing a new definition of sports

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How Tech Giants Entered And Altered The Financial Landscape

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A Purpose Isn't Just For A Campaign

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The Key Themes Of The Cannes Lions 2019 In 15 Quotes

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How Can Social Good Drive Business Success?

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The ABCs of Financial Literacy

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The CMO Guide To The 2019 Cannes Lions

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Rethinking the approach to employee engagement

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PSPA launches #UNMUTE campaign

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A new anatomy of trust

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The ATM: Eight Meditations

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Beyond the pale, male and stale

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What's New in Beauty? 10 trends to watch

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The Make-Up of Beauty

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How financial service companies can build trust in an age of rapid change

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Partners in Transformation

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Almost Implemented, Not Quite

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GCEN rebrands to GC Partners

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Tilting the scales

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Talking with Betterment

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A revolution's unexpected traces

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How the beauty industry can keep up with a changing society

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The Power of Purpose and Great Leadership

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Why Big Data Means Big Responsibility for CMOs

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From Surveys to Solutions

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International HIV/AIDS Alliance announces rebrand

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UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2019

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Let's get Phygital: The important balance between physical and digital

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The Drum Top 100 Independent Agencies 2018

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The Striver: Five questions to test your purpose

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The Leader: Your work is never done

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The Seeker: Embarking on your purpose journey

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The Builder: Set your purpose in motion

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Adapting an Imagine-It-Forward mindset

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Zero Waste

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Two members of Capgemini's family of brands get a new look

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The Ageless Age

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Modern Masculinity

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Transform North America Awards 2018

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Halal Yes

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The changing face of beauty

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How to navigate the murky waters of taking a stand on social issues

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Not Your Poster Child

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Our Social Self

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Rebranding is much more than designing a new logo

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New beauty in the age of inclusivity

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A new future for PSPA starts here

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Can leading longer help you live longer, too? A note to the new CEO

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How massively successful companies have made creativity their engine for growth

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How one startup is disrupting UK healthcare

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Paging Dr Google

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Happy Birthday NHS?

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The danger of default young

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The rise of the marijuana gold rush

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How artificial will AI in healthcare be?

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The Telly Awards 2018

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Where humanity meets technology meets medicine

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Artificial Ingredients - Intelligence

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The cutting edge of food and beverage

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Is an obsession with the metrics of engagement distracting us?

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Has purpose been hijacked by marketing?

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AI: Useful tool or amusing toy?

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Unlocking the power of purpose

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CEO Purpose Report 2021

Is purpose more than just a corporate buzzword? How does it affect business performance? And has it reached a tipping point in 2021?

Find out what over 700 CEOs across six markets truly think about purpose.

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