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Going from an office environment to the potential isolation of home working can be daunting, and managing the health and wellbeing of your teams means learning from them and learning about yourself in the process.

At Brandpie we went virtual fast - the VYTALS Home Working online collaboration session was pure therapy for our team, as everyone shared their concerns and ideas freely.

Use VYTALS Home Working to find out how your people are really feeling. Give them a voice, and let them offer the solutions that they need to make this new way of working positive and sustainable.

With VYTALS, Brandpie were able to ask all the right questions. We were able to get some extremely valuable insights in to how our people are feeling and what more we can do to support them.
Helen McMullen

Head of Talent Management and Development, NHS Professionals

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We've developed a number of solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed. We can also work with you to build a bespoke approach.


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Bespoke Projects

For client specific business challenges we are able to design and build a bespoke VYTALS application.

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