• Brandpie creates bold and active new identity for UK’s charity leading the fight against PSP and CBD
  • PSPA now positioned to bring attention to previously overlooked disease and inspire hope
  • Work made possible through Brandpie Foundation, charitable arm of leading strategic branding consultancy

The Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association (PSPA) today launched its new brand identity, developed in collaboration with strategic brand consultancy Brandpie.

The charity, rebranded as PSPA, is now positioned to inspire hope amongst people with PSP and CBD and fight for better care and an eventual cure for these most devastating illnesses. Its previous passive and sterile identity has been replaced with a dynamic and optimistic brand, made up of bold colourways and a new design device – the starting line – and a new strapline, “Starts here”, all of which reflect the energy the brand now has as it moves towards an empowering future.

The rebrand has been designed explicitly to help PSPA achieve its purpose – a world free of PSP and CBD. PSPA currently provides information and support to those affected by the illnesses in the UK, but with its new positioning and rebrand it will be able to promote earlier diagnosis, develop treatments and to highlight the groundbreaking research it funds into finding a cure.

PSPA’s new brand will also energise its community of people with PSP and CBD, family members and supporters, highlighting their role in supporting their loved ones as well as inspiring them and giving them hope to carry on.

The new brand has been developed by Brandpie Foundation, the charitable arm of Brandpie. Every year the Foundation chooses a charity or NGO to work with on a pro bono basis. Previous Foundation clients include development organisation UP!, and Create, the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

Andrew Symons, Chief Executive of PSPA said, “One of our greatest challenges is raising awareness, with around half of people misdiagnosed initially, and many health professionals unaware of PSP and CBD. To face these challenges, we need to build a strong brand that unites and brings together everyone affected by PSP and CBD.

The more people who join our community, the stronger we will be against the challenges we face. Brandpie has created for us a brand that will inspire hope and optimism in our community, and it is that hope and optimism that will enable us to do more for people living with two devastating diseases.”

Sophie Lutman, executive creative director of Brandpie said, “PSPA has been one of the most inspiring and optimistic clients we’ve had the privilege of working with. We wanted to make sure that their passion and desire to fight PSP and CBD was translated into something memorable, that stands out, and is an embodiment of the support, strength and energy they bring to everyone affected by these diseases. The starting line gives PSPA a place from which they can run towards finding a cure.”

PSPA’s new identity has initially been applied across its website and social media presence, and will be supported by a communications campaign, scheduled to break late 2018.

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About PSPA

PSPA is the only national charity offering support and information to people living with PSP & CBD, while supporting research into treatments and ultimately, a cure. PSPA funds research to help us understand how PSP & CBD develop, improve diagnosis and discover effective treatments.


About PSP and CBD

PSP & CBD are cruel and devastating neurological diseases. They are caused by the progressive death of nerve cells in the brain, leaving people unable to balance, walk, talk, eat, swallow, drink and see.

The conditions are associated with an accumulation of a protein called tau in certain parts of the brain. Tau is also associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Whilst there are differences between PSP & CBD, many people with CBD do develop features of PSP and vice versa.

At least 6,000 people are living with PSP & CBD in the UK, but this number could be more than 10,000 as many are misdiagnosed with other conditions. Half of people with PSP received an incorrect diagnosis first, with 30% initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Issues and delays around diagnosis mean people are being prescribed the wrong medication and are left with little or no support. Life expectancy is between seven to ten years, from onset of symptoms.

About Brandpie

Brandpie is an independent strategic brand consultancy, specialising in purpose-led transformation. We’re an ideas business with a focus on purpose, identity and engagement. We work with ambitious organisations to create and activate ideas that drive performance and sustainable growth. And through our charitable foundation we offer a similar service for select charities, NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations.