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On Wednesday, a new icon and interface for the hugely popular app Instagram was unveiled. Its previous app icon was a classic and one you could easily see hanging on the wall in the 'tech start-up hall of fame'. The design was very much of its time; embodying a detailed skeuomorphic style – which a [...]

The season of love is rapidly approaching, and no doubt those cunningly pesky marketers will be trying to woo you, dear customer, with fine promises, finer promotions, and lots of offers wrapped in metaphorical – and no doubt literal – pink bows and ribbons, garlanded with hearts, f [...]

It’s often the smallest things that mean the most. And this is especially true when it comes to the tiny icons we use to express something in the social media platforms we frequent. If you were at all in the vicinity of Twitter recently, you’ll have no doubt felt the earthq [...]

The Royal Albert Hall, is officially cool. The recent Coolbrands recognition is mostly due to their wonderful lineup and diverse offer to new audiences. However I didn't need a poll to tell me the Royal Albert Hall is cool, though it's nice to be validated – I just knew it was. As a Creative Direct [...]

The Charity Times Awards are the premier celebration of best practice in the UK charity and not-for-profit sector, and BrandPie is so excited to have been part of Create’s winning journey. The charity secured a rebrand grant through the BrandPie Foundation, which offers up to £100k worth of [...]

26 years ago Nike visualised its future self in Back to the Future Part 2. Its 1989 prediction reflected its famous, ambitious and innovative brand – and it still echoes reality today. ‘Nee-kay’ persevered to achieve the vision it dreamt up in the late 80s. The Nike brand remains something t [...]

I was probably 10 the first time I saw Back to the Future 2. A few years after its release, it still seemed a very exciting future to look forward too – a future that a kid like me at the time might actually have the chance to experience one day… Of all the brands that re-imagined themselves a [...]

The Back To The Future trilogy is probably to blame for my massive love of science fiction. I think one of the brilliant ideas in all three films is that the past, present and future are all presented in the same location, allowing the viewer to actually become time travelers themselves, drawing thei [...]

When Marty McFly travelled to the year 2015 in Back to the Future II, he jumped on a hoverboard to escape his arch-enemy Biff. Mattel had the great honour of being able to put their name to the much loved hoverboard - surely the most iconic (and elusive) toy of the entire 80s film Industry. Sorry Chu [...]

My article last week on the BrandPie experiment with social media got such a good response (500+ views and 27% like so far) I thought I would have a go at writing 5 basic tips to help others build their profiles. It looks from the responses so far that there are plenty of people like me trying to [...]

A secret passion of mine is to wander round sporting stadiums on non-match days – an odd hobby I grant you, but one that allows you a little glimpse behind the curtains, a chance to imagine yourself in the changing rooms, on the bench, firing a volley into the top left hand corner from 35 yards out [...]

Back in April I started publishing articles on LinkedIn (after a lot of personal soul searching), BrandPie hired a social media manager and we started to look more deeply at how to build our profile online in an intelligent way. The key word for us was 'intelligent'. We wanted to understand and ex [...]

Yesterday CoolBrands® released their annual survey charting the 'official' coolest brands in the UK. The results come from a poll of 2,500 British consumers and a panel of 36 key influencers including musicians, entrepreneurs, fashion elite, and prominent members of the media and publication w [...]

Back in 1999 I was working with the leadership team of Arthur Andersen. They were separating from Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and were concerned that without the 'sexy' Andersen Consulting in the fold they and the Andersen brand would be consigned to being what they called 'Grey Accountants [...]

A venture capital (VC) firm isn’t necessarily the first place you’d turn to for advice on tone of voice. Insights into the most dynamic sectors of the future economy – yes. Words to the wise about which baby businesses are going to be the next globe-bestriding corporations? Absolutely. But help [...]

Archeologists, druids and those who like a nice bit of stone were besides themselves on Monday morning with the news that over 100 monoliths found buried near Stonehenge in Wiltshire could be part of the largest Neolithic monument discovered in Britain. Of course this structure – perhaps a site [...]

My thoughts are drawn from having had the privilege of working with some strong leaders like Lord Browne, Sir Alistair Grant, Jim Rothenburg, Ted Leonsis, Sir Mike Rake and Sir Martin Sorrell amongst others over the course of my career at WPP* (I have not made reference to any BrandPie clients). [...]