A global leader in advanced medical technology, Permobil is on an acquisition trail, creating a fast growing portfolio to respond to evolving patient needs.

However, the brand and its philosophy were locked to the Founder's vision and while the sentiment remained relevant it required more contemporary expression. Acquisition was also bringing new brands into the portfolio and we were tasked with simplifying the brand architecture and product naming conventions of the expanding group.


Working with the global leadership we updated Permobil's purpose. 'Redefining Ability' conveys the benefit of Permobil's products, that they fundamentally change how those with disabilities can live their lives but it also acts as a social message, challenging us all to think differently and to see people for what they can achieve, rather than what they can't. Precisely what the founder Per Udden, would have wanted.

The new purpose provided the center of gravity around which we built a renewed brand experience - across a range of workstreams including portfolio rationalization, sub-brand migration, brand identity refresh, product naming, employee engagement and sales campaigns.

I think this is fantastic – I am thrilled. I strongly believe this will be very powerful for us! It has been great team work, a great process and a super cool result.
Irene Nygaard Rasmussen

VP Business Development Europe