Each issue will focus on a specific vertical and feature stories sourced from our global network of strategists and industry experts.

For this launch issue, Magpie surveys the food and beverage landscape, reporting on the emerging trends that are driving innovation, influencing customer behavior and revealing powerful insights about the future direction of the sector.

From food waste to new production methods, the rise of narco foods and Gen Z’s inspiring relationship with the kitchen, Magpie's contributors reveal rich and dramatic shifts in our relationship with food.

Many of the changes we’re seeing are counter-intuitive: among the surprises is the impact of seemingly trivial remixes of nostalgic food favorites. We’ve also been impressed by the pace at which transformative new farming technologies are being created and deployed.

In creating Magpie it’s our intent to be both informative and entertaining, and to bring you a global view that delivers a thought-provoking mix of perspectives.

Enjoy below and do let us know what you think – we welcome all feedback.