Today, all sports are increasingly shaped by data and analytics. Emerging technologies are helping the world’s most talented athletes gain that vital performance edge. Coaches have access to insights their predecessors could only dream of. Still other innovations are enabling brands and franchises to reach larger audiences with a better, more engaging product and deliver new kinds of experiences. Technology like VAR (video assistant referee) in soccer are even changing how the game is officiated.

The rise of the second screen, esports and legalized sports betting are just the tip of the iceberg. Never has the sports landscape stood on the verge of so many radical and exciting changes.

This edition of Magpie takes a deep dive into the forces changing the face of sports and examines how transformative new technologies are opening up new opportunities for athletes, franchises, brands, media and a massive globally connected fan base.

We’ll examine how these changes are creating the ideal conditions for innovation and driving unprecedented growth. And we’ll explore how new cultural attitudes are shaping the exciting opportunities that lie just around the bend.

As always, we hope that you’ll find our insights provocative, informative and entertaining.

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