Yasmeen Coning

Head of Culture & Engagement, US

Yasmeen heads up our Culture & Engagement practice out of New York.

For over 20 years, she has created successful growth strategies for both start-ups and global, legacy brands as a marketing leader at consultancies and client-side. She has helped organizations such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Novartis, JP Morgan, HP, and others achieve long-term, sustainable success for their employees and customers alike.

Yasmeen's has built and executed brand, platform and product launches, as well as advising companies on IPO and M&A processes. She is also an expert in: change management, building brand advocacy, people-driven strategy, communications, and combining organizational and behavioral science to help leaders build and scale their businesses.

Yasmeen holds a B.S. from Boston Univ., an MBA from Pepperdine Univ., and an M.S. from Columbia Univ. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Business with Pepperdine Univ. Her active research and dissertation are on transformational success (change strategies) and the correlation to employee and customer experience (behavior).

Yasmeen Coning Yasmeen Coning