Wrists are back in fashion – big time!

BrandPie's Founder, Dave Allen, is having a great time at the 2015 EY Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, but what is this trend in wearable tech that he's observing?

I am currently having an amazing time at EY's Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs. You can follow events on this link EY SGF . The event is attended by 2000 business leaders and entrepreneurs. The folks who are building America. 

The agenda is packed with amazing speakers and over the next few days I will try to post some of their great insights.

At lunch today Rorke Denver a former US Navy SEAL Commander gave an amazing insight into leadership - it was riddled with common sense and 'mind blowing' stories.

My favourite quote amongst many was "As a leader your people will always imitate or amplify your behaviours.  Calm is contagious...as is stupidity, panic and all others."

Over the next few days speakers include Charles G. Koch - Chairman of Koch Industries, Meg Whitman - President and CEO of Hewlett Packard, Michael Strahan - Pro Footballer and Hall of Famer, Alan Murray - Editor Fortune Magazine and it goes on. 

Strangely, in amongst all this greatness, I have become obsessed with checking out people's wrists. (I hasten to add this is not a new fetish I have developed.) With the advent of the Smartphone so many people (including myself) stopped wearing a watch. But there is no doubt WRISTS ARE BACK. 

There is a new battle royal going on for wrist space and share of (wrist) mind.

The traditional iconic watches - be it Rolex, Cartier or some other premium brand are still well represented. But the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Samsung are getting in there big time on this vital piece of human real estate.

There is an array of colour and styles out there. I even spotted one lady who had paired her Fitbit colour to her dress (or the other way round) like a piece of jewellery. It looked good. 

What you wear on your wrist looks like it is now a key fashion statement.

You are going to need to ask yourself  do you go naked,  traditional? or hi-tech? A great topic for the Saturday evening dinner party to discuss.

It is clearly a big dilemma for some.  Quite a few folks seem to be hedging their bets with a classic watch on one wrist and a new wearable tech device on the other. Interesting. Some have two devices on one wrist - not certain about that one.

Given these folks are the early adopters of wearable tech it looks like Apple, Fitbit and others are opening up another big market and another potential drawer of old stuff for us all to store in the future.  

More from SGF later as the stories and thoughts unfold. Back to wrist watching.

Photo Credit: Forbes.com