Intern Blog: The pie makers – a closer look at the people behind BrandPie

Fergus Church, BrandPie Intern, shares his experiences.

Last Thursday, I attended a meeting in which BrandPie officially welcomed a number of new additions to the team. Dave Allen, the co-founder of the agency, explained the BrandPie story for the benefit of the newcomers, presented some stats about how this year stood out in the timeline and discussed how the values of BrandPie, make the BrandPie people and the work they do unique.

These values were one of the most interesting things to hear about as an intern. I’d never really given much thought to business values before and always assumed they were just an abstract list of ideals that every employee should have; honesty, trust, integrity etc. The BrandPie values however are focused on progression, encouraging everyone here to “scare themselves” every day by being more daring with their work in order to achieve better quality and more creative results, with as little restriction as possible.

What seemed most apparent throughout Dave’s presentation – as well as throughout my time so far – is that BrandPie is highly invested in its people. A lot of businesses nowadays are seen to place an emphasis on their employees, but I think this is part of the fabric of BrandPie, rather than just an initiative - something I’ve noticed from my first day. They really take the values of equality and openness seriously. Hierarchies that might usually get in the way are gleefully ignored – the Creative Director speaks as easily with me as he does with the CEO, for example. This approach gives the agency so much potential as new or inexperienced team members are encouraged to outgrow their job title and carve a unique place for themselves.

A focus on the people that make up the business is really vital, such as in branding, an industry that relies so heavily on teamwork. BrandPie’s specific emphasis on this creates the feeling that everyone is on the same team, working towards the same goal, even though everyone is working on their own projects individually. Despite this team-based structure, individual achievements are (literally) applauded just as much as group ones, giving a sense that everyone is important and everyone can succeed – something especially vital in a world dominated by social media where everyone is it’s easy to feel like just another face in the crowd. The individuals that make up BrandPie defy this – consciously or not – and their optimism is contagious.