The Little Book of PIE

The story behind our slightly unorthodox, non-corporate brochure

When BrandPie turned 5 years old in December, we wanted to do something a bit different and create something unique to give out to guests at our birthday party at the Café Royal.

We like to eat here at BrandPie, so we asked every member of our team to come up with a memorable pie that they’d eaten or baked. And we didn’t stop at the recipe; we wanted the memories. So we went deeper.

What was happening at that time in your life? Was it funny, sad or ridiculous? Did you bake it yourself? Did someone you love create it for you? Or was it thrown in your face in jest?

In a nutshell, we were after PIE: People, Ingredients and Experiences. It was a fun exercise. We baked and munched our way through endless pies, fighting over our favourites. And we created the ‘Book of Pie’, a recipe book packed with the nostalgic memories and emotive experiences of our people, accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations.

It got a fantastic reception from our party guests – so fantastic that we decided to make it our corporate brochure. After all, we like to do things differently.

And it shows who we are and what we’re like better than any traditional brochure could.