‘Tis the Season to be Emotional

How are brands harnessing the power of the emotions this Christmas? Kim Nguyen, Head of PR & Marketing, finds the four most emotional Christmas ads from around the world.

Christmas is an emotional season. The stress of making sure that the turkey is ‘just perfect’, the joy of opening presents, the loneliness of being far away from loved ones, the happiness of sitting in your pyjamas in front of the TV on Boxing Day.

It’s our emotions which drive our decisions, prompt us into taking action, and change the way in which we approach people and situations, and, if done effectively, can also lead us to feel strong loyalty and a deep personal connection with brands.

Emotional branding itself is grounded in social science – it’s the psychology of provoking a response based on connections and personal influences. It triggers a desire for a brand or product, one that cannot be rationalised.

Great brands don’t just sell to their customers, they create valuable, sustainable relationships by seducing them with emotion. By tugging at our heartstrings, they’re building brand loyalty. And it’s something that is definitely on the rise.

So let’s look at those brands who are successfully using emotional branding this Christmas.


Joy of Friendship



Sure, each of these brands has used a strong emotional narrative, tying in with feelings we’ve all experienced at one time or another: loneliness, friendship, happiness and grief – but they all have an underlying message. That Christmas is a time for giving, regardless of nationality or country.

Through giving, we can help someone with their sadness at being alone, express our friendship, bring joy from across the world, and remind others that Christmas is a time to appreciate what you have.

An emotional connection is made.

How did they make you feel?