Google’s new look is all about purpose-led identity development.

Terry Moore, BrandPie Partner, on how the 'new’ Google identity is a brilliant example of our own philosophy of ‘purpose led identity development’.

What Google has done in reality is no different from any big organisation in a rapidly changing business environment… they update and evolve their identity to remain relevant and contemporary, enhance the brand and, at the same time, ensure the identity functions more effectively and efficiently to fit new demands of the business etc.

Google’s world and business is in a state of change and its visual identity needs to keep up. Most big organisations evolve their identities without much fuss or fanfare (to disguise the cost of change) but Google, being a brand that we all interact with ten times a day, couldn’t do this under the radar.

In many ways the evolved identity is in itself unremarkable, and, at the same time, it’s quite brilliant. Tweet this

I love the simplicity and economy of what they’ve done, taking each individual visual asset of their identity – name, logo, colour, type, geometry – and creatively leveraging each element to work together brilliantly in new ways, in new environments. Every change to the identity they have made is rooted in a functional requirement - scalability, byte size, device functionality – nothing has been changed for the sake of it and care taken not to loose those quirky characteristics of the Google brand in the process, like the touches of wit for example.

I can’t help but admire the rigour, the craftsmanship and elegant simplicity of it all; less is definitely more in this case.