For Nike the future is nearly here

Becky Webber discusses Nike's Back to The Future vision for power-laces, and how it reflects their continuing brand presence.

26 years ago Nike visualised its future self in Back to the Future Part 2. Its 1989 prediction reflected its famous, ambitious and innovative brand – and it still echoes reality today.

‘Nee-kay’ persevered to achieve the vision it dreamt up in the late 80s. The Nike brand remains something that reflects aspiration whilst encompassing the culture of invention. Visually, it nailed the continuing, timeless logo mark that was later debranded in 1995 to the iconic, and well established ‘swoosh’. And the futuristic Nike Air MAGs, introduced in BTTF2, are looking more and more likely to become a reality after the reaction and admiration of its fans.

Nike actually filed the patent for self-lacing shoes in 2009 – the first hint that the well-loved ‘Air McFlys’ could be on the shelf for real. They’re said to have motorised rollers in the sole that sense weight and tighten the laces when someone steps into the shoes with an automatic ankle cinching system. Cunning.

In 2011, 1,500 pairs of limited edition BTTF2 replica Nike Air MAGs were sold to fans. They featured a 3,000-hour rechargeable battery, lights and electroluminescent out-soles – but no power laces. But they raised millions for Parkinsons research, reflecting their spirit for positive social change which in turn has a very positive impact on how we as consumers perceive the brand.

And this year social media posts and interviews have hinted at the launch of the Nike Air MAG for real, self-tying laces and all. Gradually they’ve been unveiling and revealing more and more… ‘Power laces? Alight!’ could happen soon.

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Photo Credit: Digital Trends